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That zooming fireball is a cruel mistress! Last thought for the day... it could be cool if the blue glowy balls had eyes, or some sort of indication that they were creatures, because they do track your position, making it feel like they are sentient in some way. It could be cute if they looked like some sort of little creatures, or demons, or something.

It could be good if you could change your facing direction while jumping, even if you didn't gain any more air control than it has currently. :D

Cool stuff! :)

I took a while to figure out what the button was to start the game (Z). I thought it was "S", then "2", then I just tried pressing everything! Figured it out after a while. :)

Yeah, the PICO-8 font isn't super legible ... I'm glad you got to play around with it eventually, though! :D

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It was fun! I kept trying different approaches with the lightning bolt and the shield! A nice balancing act. :D

Yeah! The magic missile is a little vestigial -- lightning and the shield are where it's at.

Things can get a little crazy after a while, though: ;)

Ah! I didn't even realise there was an "X" attack as well! This game goes deeper the more hours you put in! ;P
It'd be rad if the positioning of the platforms was randomised each time you play!